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devlindark47's test results!

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devlindark47's test results!

Post by Leòmhann on Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:10 am

Duel Location(DN, YGOPRO, DEVPRO): DN
Duel Style: TCG and OCG

Testers Deck: Majestic Accel Synchron
Testers Name: Leòmhann

Testee's Deck: E Hero
Testee's Name: Devlindark47

Banned Decks: Exodia, Burn, Stall, Alternate win conditions, Meta, ect.....

The test will consist of a match

Duel Results: 0/30
Crushed him.

Deck commonness: 10/20
I don't see E-Heroes a lot.

Ruling Knowledge: 5/15
Didn't know a lot of his rulings.

Duel Skill: 10/25
He understood some of what I did.

Consistency: 0/20
His deck was not consistent at all. E-Hero tends to not like being 60 cards.

Adaptability: 5/10
Didn't adapt well.

Duel Control: 5/20
Was hard to tell cause my deck decided it wanted to brick through most of the second match.

Use of Cards: 10/15
Honestly he tried to use the cards he had as well as possible.

Deck Build: 0/20
Really, really, really bricky.

Concentration: 10/25
Only paid attention half the time.

Card Knowledge: 3/25
Didn't understand a lot of the cards and made a miss play cause he assumed Shooting Star could negate everything.

Entrance Test Total Score: 58/225
Congratulations and welcome to: *Drum roll* Shark Drake Dorm!

If you feel this grading was unfair or anything please PM me.

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