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SHDA Rules!

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SHDA Rules!

Post by Leòmhann on Wed Jun 08, 2016 8:05 pm

Welcome to SHDA! Before you do ANYTHING you must read these rules. Or you can suffer the penalty.

Now that I have threatened you with the magic hammer of banning thunder mjölnir lets get to the rules!

1. No spamming or you will taste the sting of my magic hammer mjölnir and turn to banned ash. But only if you are warned a total of 3 times about spamming (meaning you are kicked and told you have been warned) on the fourth offence you will be banned for a X amount of time.

2. No ban evasion. If I find someone has decided that they want to get around a ban by making another account I will personally I.P. ban you.

3. NO NECROPOSTING. This is something I have done twice and have learned my lesson about. You will be warned a total of 3 times. If you are you will be banned for a X amount of time.

4. Be nice. No fighting in chatbox. I have learned what doing this can do and it SUCKS. Do not let me or any of my staff catch you do it. Chatbox fights get one warning if the fight continues it is a 4 hour ban that may be extended depending on the circumstances. Multiple chat fighting will result in an I.P. ban.

5. Trolling and baiting may be regarded as a ban able offence depending on the circumstances so be warned.

6. No catfishing. This will result in an I.P. ban.

7. If I catch ANYONE doing anything remotely close to sexual content I will I.P. ban you in a heartbeat. No porn. No anything. If you RP post a warning of 18+ content in the RPs name. If you do not do this everyone participating in the RP will be banned for a X amount of time. Kissing does not count as 18+.

Now this isn't a rule but I am putting it out there. This site may be visited by children. I can't keep you from cussing but I ask you to keep it at a minimum and to make sure there aren't any children in chat to read it. In an RP you can cuss all you want but please try to keep it at a minimum just cause seeing a ton of dirty words in a RP doesn't exactly make it inviting.

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